aT cl. 1. P. A1. {aTati} , {-te} , {ATa} ,{aTiSyati} , {ATIt} ,%{aTitum} , to roam , wander about (sometimes with acc. ; frequently used of religious mendicants): Intens. {aTATyate} , to roam or wander about zealously or habitually , especially as a religious mendicant: Desid. {aTiTiSati} , to be desirous of roaming. 2 at 1 ind. a prefix said to imply surprise , probably a contraction of {ati} , meaning extraordinary , (g. {Ury-Adi} , q.v.) 3 at 2 cl. 1. P. A1. {atati} p. {atat} or atamAna}) to go constantly , walk , run to obtain 4 AT ind. a croak (imitation of the sound uttered by a frog) 5 At ind. (abl. of 4. {a}) afterwards , then (often used in a concluding paragraph antithetically to {yad} , {yadA} , {yadi}. and sometimes strengthened by the particles {aha} , {id} , {Im} , {u}) then , further , also It is sometimes used after an interrogative pronoun (like {u} , {nu} , {aGga}) to give emphasis to the pronoun