3 mitrayu mfn. (fr. prec.) friendly-minded L. ; winning or acquiring friends , attractive possessing worldly prudence m. a friend N. of a teacher of a son of Divo-dasa pl. (said to be also , pl , fr. {maitreya}) the descendants of Mitrayu . 4 mitrAyu mfn. (fr. prec.) desiring a friend , seeking friendship m. N. of a preceptor of a son of Divo-dasa {mitreyu}). 5 mitrayuddha n. a contest of friend 6 mitrayuj mfn. one who has made an alliance , leagued m.. N. of a man pl. N. of his descendants . 7 zrIrASTramitrAyuSkAma mfn. wishing eminence and dominion and friends and long life