Khan Cologne Snaksrit Dicitonary 1 khan cl. 1. P. {khanati} (impf. {akhanat} ; perf. {cakhAna} , 3. pl. {cakhnur} R. i ; A1. {cakhne}; pr. p. A. {khanamAna} Impv. {khanatAt}; Pot. {khanyAt} or {khAyAt} ; Pass. {khAyate} or {khanyate} ; inf. {khanitum} to dig , dig up , delve , turn up the soil , excavate , root up to pierce (said of an arrow) {khAnayati} (once {khan-} to cause to dig or dig up : Desid. {cikhaniSati} Intens. {caGkhanyate} or {cAkhAyate} {caGkhanti} or {cAkhAti} Old Germ. {ginem} , {ginom} ; Mod. Germ. {ga0hne} ; Angl. Sax. {cina} , {cinan} ; Lat. {cuniculus} , {canalis}.] It means commander, leader or ruler, in Mongolian and Turkic languages