Surasa surasa mf({A})n. rich in water well-flavoured , juicy , sapid , savoury sweet , lovely , charming elegant (as composition) m. Vitex Negundo Andropogon Schonanthus the resin of Gossampinus Rumphi N. of a serpentdemon of a mountain A}) f. holy basil ({A}) f. N. of various plants (Anethum Panmori ; Vitex Negundo ; a kind of jasmine ; = {rAsnA} &c.) a kind of metre (in music) a partic. Ragini N. of Durga of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Kasyapa and mother of the Nagas of an Apsaras of a daughter of Raudrasva of a river ({I}) f. a partic. plant n. (only L.) resin ; fragrant grass ; gum-myrrh Cassia bark -saMgraha} m. N. of wk. -sAgraja} n. (prob.) = next {-sAgraNI} m. white basil -sAcchada} m. (prob.) the leaf of the white basil Su{-sASTa} n. a collective N. of 8 plants (viz. Nirgunti , Tulasi , Brahmi &c.) .