In Sanskrit the term vira (cf. latin vir) is a man and also a reed.
vira Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: vira m. a man , (esp.) a brave or eminent man , hero , chief (sometimes applied to gods , as to Indra , Vishnu &c. pl. men , people , mankind , followers , retainers) a hero (as opp. to a god) . a husband a male child , son (collect. male progeny) (collect. male progeny) the male of an animal (with , Tantrikas) an adept (who is between the {divya} and the {pazu} (in dram.) heroism (as one of the 8 Rasas [q.v.] the Vira-carita [q.v.] exhibits an example) an actor a partic. Agni (son of Tapas) fire , (esp.) sacred or sacrificial fire N. of various plants (Terminalia Arunja ; Nerium Odorum ; Guilandina Bonduc , manioc-root) N. of an Asura of a son of Dhrita-rashtra of a son of Bharad-vaja of a son of Purusha Vairaja and father of Priya-vrata and Uttana-pada of a son of Grinjima of two sons of Krishna of a son of Kshupa and father of Vivinsa of the father of Lilavati of a teacher of Vinaya Buddh. of the last Arhat of the present Avasarpini (also with {bhaTTa} , {AcArya} &c.) of various authors &c. Cat. (pl.) of a class of gods under Manu Tamasa {A}) f. a wife , matron (whose husband and sons are still alive) an intoxicating beverage ib. N. of various plants and drugs (Flacourtia Cataphracta ; Convolvulus Paniculatus ; Gmelina Arborea the drug Ela-valuka &c.) (in music) a partic. Sruti Samgit. N. of the wife of Bharad-vaja of the wife of Karam-dhama of a river {vANI}) ; n. (only L.) a reed (Arundo Tibialis) the root of ginger(?) ; pepper ; rice-gruel the root of Costus Speciosus , of Andropogon Muricatus mf({A})n. heroic , powerful , strong , excellent , eminent [Cf. Lat. {vir} ; Lith. {vyras} ; Goth. {wair} ; Angl. Sax. {wr} , {wre-wulf} ; Eng. {werewolf} ; Germ. {Werwolf} , {Wergeld}.]