Bahula bahula mf({A})n. thick , dense , broad , wide , spacious , ample , large abundant , numerous , many , much ib. ({am} ind. often , frequently Nir. Prat. Pan2.) accompanied by , attended with (in gram.) variously applicable , comprehensive (as a rule) born under the Pleiades black L. ; m. (or n. ?) the dark half of a month m. Agni or fire N. of a Prajapati of a king of the Tala-janghas m. pl. N. of a people ({A}) f. a cow cardamoms Bhpr. ; the indigo plant N. of the twelfth Kala of the moon of a goddess of one of the Matris attending on Skanda of the wife of Uttama who was son of Uttana-pada ; of the mother of a Samudra of a mythical cow of a river f. pl.= {kRttikAs} , the Pleiades ; n. the sky factitious black salt white pepper a partic. high number

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