Uttama mwd) uttama mfn. (superlative fr. 1. {ud} ; opposed to {avama} , {adhama} , &c. ; cf. {an-uttama}) , uppermost , highest , chief ; most elevated , principal ; best , excellent {dvijottama} , best of the twice-born i.e. a Brahman first , greatest ; the highest (tone) the most removed or last in place or order or time ({am}) ind. most , in the highest degree at last , lastly m. the last person (= in European grammars the first person) N. of a brother of Dhruva (son of Uttana-pada and nephew of Priya-vrata) of a son of Priya-vrata and third Manu of the twenty-first Vyasa {As}) m. pl.N. of people {A}) f. a kind of Pidaka or pustule S the plant Oxystelma Esculentum (Asclepias Rosea Roxb.) an excellent woman (one who is handsome , healthy , and affectionate) L.