bhAvin mfn. becoming , being , existing , wont to be (often ifc.) about to be , future , imminent , predestined , inevitable (often used as fut. tense of {bhU}) as one ought to be , good , able , capable (in {a-bh-} (ifc.) being possessed of. attached to (e.g. {hari-bh-}) manifesting , showing furthering , blessing (cf. {loka-bh-}) worshipping ib. ; beautiful , illustrious m. N. of every vowel except {a} and {A} (prob. as liable to become the corresponding semivowel N. of the Sudras in Plaksha-dvipa ({inI}) f. a noble or beautiful woman MBh. Ka1v. &c. ; a wanton woman a partic. musical composition N. of one of the Ma1tris attending on Skanda of the daughter of a Gandharva .

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