brahmacArin mf(%{iNI})n. practising sacred study as an unmarried student , observing chastity m. a young Brahman who is a student of the Veda (under a preceptor) or who practises chastity , a young Brahman before marriage (in the first period of his life) (cf. {Azrama} the N. Brahma-ca1rin is also given to older unmarried Bra1hmans , esp. if versed in the Veda , and by the Tantras to any person whose chief virtue is continence) N. of a Gandharva of Skanda of Siva Sivag. ; ({iNI}) f. N. of Durga Devi1P. ; a woman who observes the vow of chastity Clerodendrum Siphonantus {-raNI}) Thespesia Populneoides L. ; = {karuNI} {-ri-vAsa} m. the living of a Brahma-carin , (in the house of his religious teacher) {-ri-vAsin} mfn. living as a Brahma-carin

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