Parikshit parikSit mfn. dwelling or spreading around , surrounding , extending (as Agni , heaven and earth &c.) m. N. of an ancient king (son of Abhimanyu and father of Janam-ejaya) of a son of Kuru and father of another Janam Hariv. of a son of A-vikshit and brother of Janam of a king of A-yodhya ib. (cf. {parI-kSit} under 1. {parI} , p. 605 , col. 1). 180 parIkSit m. (2. {kSi}) N. of a son of Abhi-manyu and father of Janam-ejaya of a son of Kuru of a son of An-asvan and father of Bhima-sena of a king of A-yodhya 181 pArikSit (m.c.) and m. ({-kSit}) patr. of Janam-ejaya 182 pArIkSit m. = next MBh. xii , 5596.