Niruddha niruddha mfn. held back , withheld , held fast , stopped , shut , closed , confined , restrained , checked , kept off , removed , suppressed RV. ({ni-ruddha} {ni-ruddha} rejected (= {apa-ruddha}) covered , veiled filled with , full of (instr. or comp.) m. N. of a prince (v.l. {a-nir-} q.v.) ; {-kaNTha} mfn. having the breath obstructed , suffocated {-guda} m. contraction or obstruction of the rectum {-prakaza} m. stricture of the urethra {-vat} mfn. having (= he has) invested or besieged {-zama-vRtti} mfn. whose state of repose is interrupted , wearied , tired W.