marIci Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: mf. (m. only in TA1r. prob. connected with {marut} q.v.) a particle of light , shining mote or speck in the air ray of light (of the sun or moon) -cI} ; f. with {somasya} = moonlight Hariv.) a mirage (= {marIcik}) (cf. {marIci-toya}) ; m. N. of a Praja-pati or lord of created beings (variously regarded as a son of Svayam-bhu , as a son of Brahma , as a son of Manu Hairanyagarbha , as one of the 7 sages and father of Kasyapa , or accord. to Mn. i , 35 as the first of the ten Praja-patis [q.v.] engendered by Manu Svayambhuva) of the star in the great Bear VarBrS. of Krishna (as a Marut) of a Daitya of a Maharshi of the father of Paurnamasa of a king (son of Samraj and father of Bindu-mat) of a son of Tirtham-kara Rishabha of a son of Samkaracarya and various other teachers and authors a miser , niggard (= {kRpaNa}) f. N. of an Apsaras MBh. of a Comm. on Siddhantas