kaccha m. ({A} , {am} fn. L.) a bank or any ground bordering on water , shore ; [cf. Zd. {kasha} , {voura-kaSa} , the wide-shored the Caspian Sea ; cf. {kakSa}] ; a mound or causeway ; watery soil , marshy ground , marsh , morass N. of several places e.g. Cutch Cedrela Toona (the timber of which is used for making furniture &c.) Hibiscus Populneoides a particular part of a tortoise a particular part of a boat {As}) m. pl.N. of a people (v.l. for%{kakSa}) {as} , {A}) mf. the hem or end of a lower garment (tucked into the girdle or waistband) (probably a Prakrit form for {kakSa}) {A}) f. a cricket N. of a plant girdle , girth (v.l. for {kakSA}) kAccha and {kAcchaka} mfn. (fr. {kaccha}) being on the bank of a river (not applicable to human beings) ({I}) f. a kind of fragrant earth (cf. {kAkSI})

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