ramaNa mf({I})n. pleasing , charming , delightful m. a lover , husband (cf. {kSapA-r-}) Kama-deva , the god of love an ass a testicle a tree similar to the Melia Bukayun ; = {tinduka} N. of Aruna or the charioteer of the Sun of a mythical son of Manohara of a man pl. N. of a people (cf. {ramaTha}) {A}) f. a charming woman , wife , mistress a kind of metre N. of Dakshayani in Rama-tirtha ({I}) f. see s.v. ; n. pleasure , joy, dalliance , amorous sport , sexual union , copulation decoying (of deer) ; (ifc.) gladdening , delighting the hinder parts , pudenda (= %jaghana}) the root of Trichosanthes Dioeca N. of a forest ; of a town DivyAv.

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