Hiranya hiraNya n. (ifc. f. {A} ; prob. connected with {hari} , {harit} , {hiri}) gold (orig. uncoined gold or other precious metal ; in later language coined gold -or money ) any vessel or ornament made of gold (as a golden spoon) a gold piece or coin (generally with {suvarNa} as opp. to base metal) a cowry semen virile substance , imperishable matter a partic. measure the Datura or thorn apple N. of a Varsha (= {hiraN-maya}) m. a kind of bdellium N. of a , Daitya of a son of Agnidhra (= {hiraN-maya} q.v.) of a king of Kasmira ({A}) f. one of the seven tongues of fire mfn. golden , made of gold