sAvarNi m. N. of a Rishi RV. metron , of the eighth Manu (son of the Sun by Su-varna q.v. , and therefore younger brother of the seventh Manu or Vaivasvata the succeeding Manus to the twelfth , or accord. to other authorities to the fourteenth inclusive , are all called Savarn ; cf. {dakSa-} , {brahma-} , {dharma-s-}) sAvarNya mfn. relating to Manu Savarna or Savarni m. Patr. fr. {sa-varNa} RV. the eighth Manu (= {sAvarNi}) n. identity of colour identity of caste or class homogeneousness (of sounds) the Manv-antara presided over by the eighth Manu