Suvarna suvarNa mf({A})n. of a good or beautiful colour , brilliant in hue , bright , golden , yellow gold , made of gold of a good tribe or caste m. a good colour a good tribe or class a kind of bdellium the thorn-apple a kind of metre m. N. of a Deva-gandharva of an ascetic of a minister of Dasa-ratha of a son of Antariksha of a king of Kasmira of a poet m. (rarely n.) a partic. weight of gold (= 1 Karsha , = 16 Mashas , = 80 Raktikas , = about 175 grains troy) a gold coin a kind of bulbous plant (= {suvarNAlu}) a kind of aloe a kind of sacrifice ({A}) f. turmeric Sida Rhomboidea or Cordifolia another plant (= {svarNakSIrI}) a bitter gourd , colocynth N. of one of the seven tongues of fire of a daughter of Ikshvaku (the wife of Su-hotra) ({I}) f. the plant Salvinia Cucullata (perhaps w.r. for {sukarNI}) ({am}) n. gold (of which 57 synonyms are given) AV. &c. &c money , wealth , property , riches a sort of yellow sandal-wood the flower of Mesua Roxburghii ; a kind of vegetable (= {gaura-suvarNa}) red ochre (= {suvarNagairika}) the right pronunciation of sounds N. of a Tirtha of a partic. world.