zyAma mf({A})n. (said to be connected with {zyai}) black , dark-coloured , dark blue or brown or grey or green , sable , having a dark or swarthy complexion (considered a mark of beauty) m. black or blue or green (the colour) a cloud the Kokila or Indian cuckoo a black bull N. of various plants (fragrant grass ; thorn-apple ; Artemisia Indica ; Careya Arborea &c. (in music) a partic. Raga N. of a son of Sura and brother of Vasudeva of a modern prince of a mountain of a sacred fig-tree at Prayaga or Allaha1bad pl. N. of a Vedic school (a subdivision of the Maitrayaniyas) {A}) f. a woman with peculiar marks or characteristics (accord. to some a girl who has the marks of puberty accord. to others a woman who has not borne children ; also described as a female of slender shape a N. or form of Durga (worshipped by the Tantrikas) N. of Yamuna of a daughter of Meru (an incarnation of Ganga of a princess of another woman of a goddess who executes the commands of the 6th Arhat or of the mother of the 13th Arhat (with Jainas) of a kind of bird (either the female of the Indian cuckoo or a hen-sparrow N. of various plants (= {gundrA} , {priyaGgu} , {sArivA}.) night (see {zyAmA-cara}) the earth N. of a river n. black pepper sea-salt .