Siddha siddha Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 2 mfn. accomplished , fulfilled , effected , gained , acquired one who has attained his object , successful one who has attained the highest object , thoroughly skilled or versed in (dat. or comp.) perfected , become perfect , beatified , endowed with supernatural faculties (see 2. {siddhi}) sacred , holy , divine , illustrious hit (as a mark) prepared , cooked , dressed (as food) healed , cured valid (as a rule in grammar see {as-}) admitted to be true or right , established , settled , proved adjudicated , decided , terminated (as a lawsuit) paid , liquidated , settled (as a debt) ready for payment (as money) well-known , notorious , celebrated (= {prasiddha}) effective , powerful , miraculous , supernatural ubdued , brought into subjection (by magical powers) , subject or obedient to (gen.) peculiar , singular invariable , unalterable m. a Siddha or semidivine being of great purity and perfection and said to possess the eight supernatural faculties (see 2. {siddhi} ; accord. to some , the Siddhas inhabit , together with the Munis &c. , the Bhuvar-loka or atmosphere between the earth and heaven ; accord. to VP. eighty-eight thousand of them occupy the regions of the sky north of the sun and south of the seven Rishis ; they are regarded as immortal , but only as living to the end of a Kalpa [q.v.] ; in the later mythology the are some times confused with the ; Sadhyas [q.v.] or take their place) any inspired sage or prophet or seer (e.g. Vyasa , Kapila &c.) any holy personage or great saint (esp. one who has attained to one of the states of beatitude cf. {sAlokya}) any great adept in magic or one who has acquired supernatural powers (with Jainas) a Jina or Arhat N. of the number 24 (ci. {jina} the 21st of the astron. Yogas. a lawsuit , judicial trial (= {vyavahAra}) N. of a Deva-gandharva of a Rajarshi i of a king Rajat of a brother of Jajja of a Brahman of an author a kind of thorn-apple another plant or a sort of hard sugar (= {guDa}) (pl.) N. of a people ({A}) f. a Siddha or semi-divine female R. (cf. comp.) ; N. of one of the Yoginis (q.v.) (accord. to Sa1h. {siddhA} is also used at the end of names of courtezans) a kind of medicinal plant or root (= {Rddhi}) ({am}) n. magic , supernatural power . sea-salt L.