zuka m. (prob. fr. 1. {zuc} , and orig. the bright one) a parrot a poet (?) Acacia Sirissa Zizyphus Scandens N. of a son of Vyasa (narrator of the Bhagavata-Purana to king Parikshit) of a warrior of an Asura Hariv. (v.l. {zara}) of a king of the Gandharvas of a minister of Ravana of a Brahman ascetic ({I}) f. a female parrot (also the mythical mother of parrots , fabled as daughter or accord. to some , wife of Kasyapa) N. of the wife of Saptarshi (loved by Agni) n. N. of various plants (Acacia Sirissa , Bignonia Indica &c.) a partic. drug and perfume (= {granthi-parNa} , commonly called Ganthiala) L. ; the hem of a garment cloth , clothes a helmet or turban N. of a mythical weapon