Hotr hotR m. (fr. 1. {hu}) an offerer of an oblation or burnt-offering (with fire) , sacrificer , priest , (esp.) a priest who at a sacrifice invokes the gods or recites the Rig-veda , a Rig-veda priest (one of the 4 kinds of officiating priest see {Rtvij} , p. 224 ; properly the Hotri priest has 3 assistants , sometimes called Purushas , viz. the Maitra-varuna , Aocha-vaka , and Gravastut ; to these are sometimes added three others , the Brahmanacchan6sin , Agnidhra or Agnidh , and Potri , though these last are properly assigned to the Brahman priest ; sometimes the Neshtri is substituted for the Grava-stut) N. of Siva (%{trI})n. one who sacrifices (gen. or comp.) sacrificer