Stages of Creation: Purusa

Taitritriya Brahmana Stages of Creation: Purusa Brahma called Svovasyasa. Non-Existent Mind (soul, manas) Prajapati Not anything Fervour Light Flame Blazes Like a Cloud (Clove its Bladder) Sea (Place of Generation) Dasahotri Wept (arodit) Part that fell became Earth Part that wiped away became Air Part that wiped upward became Sky From his Abdomen Asuras Organ of Generation Living Beings Cast off that Body Moonlight Armpits Seasons Mouth Gods Soma Cast off that Body Day (Diva) Ushas Yellow-Brown Foetus Blackish-Brown Breath Breath (asu) Asuras Father Fathers (Pitris) Reflected Manhood of Men Intelligent, M

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