Dasa Cologne Sanskrit Dcitionary dAsa 1 m. fiend , demon ; N. of certain evil beings conquered by Indra (e.g. Namuci , Pipru , Sambara , Varcin ) savage , barbarian , infidel (also {dAsa} , opp. to {Arya} cf. {dasyu}) ; slave , servant a Sudra L. Sch. ; one to whom gifts may be made a fisherman (v.l. for {dAza}) ; ifc. of names , esp. of Sudras and Kaya-sthas (but cf. also {kAli-}) {I}) f. a female servant or slave harlot N. of a plant (= {nilA} or {pItAjhintI} , {kAka-jaGghA} , {nIlAmlANa} &c.) an altar N. of a river ({dAsa}) mf({I})n. fiendish , demoniacal , barbarous , impious cf. Dasyus

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