sAgara m. (ifc. f. {A} ; fr. 2. {sa-gara}) the ocean (said to have been named so by Bhagiratha after his son Sagara [see 2. {sa-gara} another legend asserts that the bed of the ocean was dug by the sons of Sagara ; 3 or 4 or 7 oceans are reckoned cf. 1 , {sam-udra} ; {sAgarasyaphenaH} = {samudraph-}) an ocean (as expressing any vast body or inexhaustible mass ; often ifc. cf. {guNa-zoka-} , {saMsAra-s-}) a symbolical expression for the number , four (like other words signifying ocean a partic. high number (= 10 Padmas) a sort of deer N. of a serpent-demon (with Jainas) of the third Arhat of the past Utsarpini of one of the 10 orders of mendicants traced back to disciples of Samkaracarya of various persons of two authors and of a wk. on Dharma . of a place (pl.) the sons of Sagara MBh. R. ; n. N. of a town mf({I}) n. relating to the sea , marine .