vibhAga Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary vibhAga m. distribution , apportionment RV. AitBr. ; partition of patrimony , law of inheritance (one of the 18 titles or branches of law) Mn. Ya1jn5. &c. (cf. IW. 261) ; a share , portion , section , constituent part of anything Ya1jn5. MBh. &c. ; division , separation , distinction , difference Nir. Gr2S3rS. &c. (%{ena} , separately , singly , in detail ; cf. also %{yoga-v-}) ; disjunction (opp. to {saM-yoga} and regarded in Nya1ya as one of the 24 Gun2as) IW. 68 ; (in arithm.) the numerator of a fraction Col. ; N. of S3iva R. ; {-kalpanA} f. apportioning or allotment of shares or portions W. ; {-jJa} mfn. (ifc.) knowing the difference between S3a1n3khGr2. MBh. {-tas} ind. according to a part or share , proportionately Sarvad. W. ; {-tattva-vicAra} m. N. of wk. ; {-tva} n. state of separation or distinction Sarvad. ; {-dharma} m. the law of division , rule of inheritance Mn. i , 115 ; %{-pattrikA} f. a deed of partition MW. ; {-bhAj} mfn. one who shares in a portion of property already distributed (applied esp. to a son by a father and mother of the same tribe , born subsequently to a distribution of property amongst his parents and brethren , in which case he inherits the portion allotted or reserved to the parents) Ya1jn5. Pan5cat. ; {-bhinna} n. = %{takra} , buttermilk mixed with water L. ; {-rekhA} f. partition-line , boundary between (gen.) Ba1lar. ; {-vat} mfn. divided , separated , distinguished ({-tA} f.) Sarvad. ; {-zas} ind. according to a part or share , separately , proportionately Mn. MBh. &c. ; (ifc.) according to BhP. [977,3] ; {-sAra} m. N. of wk. ; %{-ge7cchu} mfn. wishing for a partition or distribution MW.