Male > Female

In mythology there are individuals who become female for a limited time as a result of design, a curse or magic and then return to their normal state Veeraka, the guard at the door of Shiva fought gallantly against Andhaka. He single-handedly fought against the army of demons. Shiva was in the middle of an austerity called Pashupata Vrata (which takes 1000 years to complete). He did not wish to be disturbed by Andhaka. He therefore asked his guard Veeraka to handle the situation. Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and other gods assumed feminine form and jumped to the battlefield. Seeing this, Parvati too got ready to join them. The battle between Andhaka and Veeraka went on for 500 years..... A being devoid of knowledge acquires many powers. Ironically, he can not acquire control over his own sense organs.Still, he takes pride in declaring that he has scored win over everyone.Because of this ego, he becomes a slave to his Indriyas.He will then forget that everyone in this creation is feminine in nature and that the Lord alone is masculine. He will begin thinking that he is Purusha(manly) and brave. He will therefore tend to aspire for every female he sees.By doing so, he is inviting his own destruction.Because Manmatha (symbolic of lust for women) was responsible for the death of Andhaka, Manmatha is also called as Andhaka Shatru (enemy of Andhaka). http://www.mail-archive.com/fairfieldlife@yahoogroups.com/msg34988.html