bhUdhara mfn. earth-bearing dwelling in the earth m. earth-supporting N. of Krishna of Batuka-bhairava a mountain (ifc. f. {A}) mountain and king a term for the number seven Suryas. N. of Siva or of the serpent-demon Sesha a kind of chemical or medical apparatus N. of sev. men Cat. ; {guhAntara-tas} ind. from within the caves of the mountains {-ja} m. mountain-born a tree -tA} f. the state or act of supporting the earth {-yantra} n. a partic. apparatus for boiling {-rAja} m. = {-dharezvara} A. ; {-dharAtmaka} or {-dharAdhIza} m. N. of Batukabhairava {-dharAraNya} n. a mountain-forest -dharevara} m. mountain-lord N. of Hima-vat

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