Barbara barbara mfn. (also written {varvara}) stammering (see {-tA}) curly m. (pl.) the non-Aryans , barbarians the country of the barbarians a low fellow , blockhead , fool , loon (used mostly in the voc.) (only L.) curly hair Clerodendrum Siphonantus Cleome Pentaphylla a partic. fragrant plant Unguis Odoratus a kind of worm two kinds of fish the noise of weapons a kind of dance {A}) f. a kind of fly a species of Ocimum a kind of vegetable a partic. flower N. of a river ({I}) f. see below n. vermilion gum-myrrh yellow sandal-wood L. ; = {barbarI} f. and {-rIka} n. 4 bArbara mfn. born in the country of the barbarians g. {takSazIlAdi}.