Kola kola m. ({jvalAdi}) a hog (cf. {kroDa}) a raft the breast , haunch , hip or flank , lap (cf. {kroDa}) an embrace , embracing a kind of weapon N. of a plant (= {citra} , {citraka}) the planet Saturn N. of Siva N. of a son of Akrida N. of a degraded warrior-tribe (outcast , one degraded by Sagara from the military order) {koli-sarpa} q.v.) a man of a mixed caste a barbarian of a tribe inhabiting the hills in central India {as} , {am}) m.n. the weight of one Tola (= 2 {TaGka} [or {zANa} Ashtang.] = 1/2 {karSa} S {A}) f. Piper longum Piper Chaba {a} , {I}) f. the jujube tree {am}) n. the fruit of the jujube (cf. {kuvala}) black pepper the grain of Piper Chaba

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