Zura Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary t zUra mfn. (prob. fr. 1 . {zU} = %{zvi} and connected with {zavas} , {zuna} , {zUna}) strong , powerful , valiant , heroic , brave (cf.%{-tama} and {-tara}) a strong or mighty or valiant man , warrior , champion , hero , one who acts heroically towards , any one (loc.) or with regard to anything heroism (? , = or w.r. for {zaurya}) a lion a tiger or panther a boar a dog a cock white rice lentil Arthocarpus Locucha Vatica Robusta N. of a Yadava , the father of Vasu-deva and grandfather of Krishna of a Sauviraka of a son of Ilina of a son of Kartavirya of a son of Viduratha of a son of Deva-midhusha of a son of Bhajamana of a son of Vasu-deva of a son of Vatsa-pri of a poet of various other men w.r. for {sUra} (pl.) N. of a people [Cf. Gk.