Satyavat satyavat mfn. truthful , veracious containing the word {satya} w.r. for {sattva-vat} Ragh. m. N. of a spell spoken over weapons a crow of a son of Manu Raivata of a son of Manu Cakshusha of a son of Dyumat-sena (husband of Savitri) ({atI}) f. N. of the wife of Parasara (Samtanu) and mother of Vyasa of a daughter of Gadhi and wife of Ricika (fabled to have become the Kausiki river) of the wife of Narada of the wife of Siva-raja-bhatta of a river = {acchodA} (-tI}) {-suta} m. son of Satyavati N. of the poet , Vyasa