pragalbha mf({A})n. bold , confident , resolute , brave , strong , able proud , arrogant , impudent Ragh. ; skilful illustrious , eminent mature (as age) m. N. of the fire employed at the Jatakarman Grihyas. (with {AcArya}) N. of an author (called also Subham-kara) ({A}) f. a bold and confident woman (esp. one of the classes of heroines in dram. composition) N. of Durga1 ({am}) ind. courageously , resolutely {-kulAla} m. a skilful potter {-tA} f. (Kum.) , {-tva} n. (W.) boldness , wilfulness , resolution , energy , strength , power {-manas} mfn. resolute-minded ({a-}) {-lakSaNa} n. and {-Na-prakAza} m. N. of wks. ; {-vAc} mfn. speaking confidently or proudly