Pradosha is evening pradoSa mfn. (for 2. see col. 2) corrupt , bad , wicked Sis. m. defect , fault , disordered condition (of the body or of a country) , mutiny , rebellion Pancat. {-nirNaya} m. {-zAnti} f. {-SodyApana} n. N. of wks. [680,2] 4 pradoSa 2 m. (for 1. see under {pra-duS}) the first part of the night , evening (also personified as a son of Dosha and associated with Nisitha and Vyushta) MBh. Kav. Pur. &c. {am}) ind. in the evening , in the dark RV. GrSrS. 5 prAdoSa mfn. belonging or relating to the evening , vespertine Bhpr. {-Sika} mfn. id. Pancat. (cf. Pan. 4-3 , 14).