pataMga mfn. flyingR any flying insect , a grasshopper , a bee , a butterfly or moth {-taMga}) ({-tA} f. a horse the sun (cf. {pata-ga}) N. of one of the 7 suns a ball for playing a spark a Pisaca a species of rice C of tree the Flier N. of Krishna (= {garuDa} N. of the author of RV. x , 17 and of this hymn itself of a mountain = {-grAma} (pl.) N. of a caste in Plakshadvipa {A}) f. N. of a mythical river {I}) f. N. of one of the wives of Tarksha and mother of the flying animals m. or n. quicksilver n. a species of sandal wood {-kAnta} m. the sun-stone (cf. {sUrya-k-}) {-grAma} m. N. of a village {-rAja} m. = {pataga-r-} {-vat} ind , like a moth {-vRtti} f. the manner of the moth (attracted by a light) i.e. rashness , temerity mfn. behaving like a moth (i.e. very inconsiderately) {-gAzman} m. the sun-stone (cf. above)