bhuvana is the usual form for the idea of bhUmi-traya mwd)
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
bhuvana n. a being , living creature , man , mankind (rarely m.) the world , earth ib. (generally 3 worlds are reckoned [see {tri-bhuvana} and {bhuvana-traya}] , but also 2 [see {bhuvana-dvaya}] , or 7 [MBh. xii , 6924] or 14 [Bhartr2.] place of being , abode , residence a house (v.l. for {bhavana}) (?) causing to exist (= {bhAvana}) m. N. of a partic. month of a Rudra of an Aptya (author of RV. x , 157) of a teacher of Yoga of another man 4 (cap) bhuvana n. being, existence, thing; world (2, 3, 7, or 14), earth; place of existence, abode, dwelling.