Rocana During the reign of Svarocisa, the post of Indra was assumed by Rocana, the son of Yajna. Tusita and others became the principal demigods http://www.harekrsna.com/philosophy/incarnations/manus/manvantara.htm Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: rocana mf({I} or {A})n. bright , shining , radiant giving pleasure or satisfaction , pleasant , charming , lovely sharpening or stimulating the appetite , stomachic m. N. of various plants (Andersonia Rohitika ; Alangium Hexapetalum ; the pomegranate tree &c.) a partic. yellow pigment (v.l. for {rocanA}) a stomachic W. N. of a demon presiding over a partic. disease of one of the 5 arrows of the god of love ( exciter) of a son of Vishnu by Dakshina of Indra under Manu Svarocisha of one of the Visve Devah of a mountain {A}) and ({I}) f. see below ; n. light , brightness , (esp.) the bright sky , firmament , luminous sphere (of which there are said to be three ; cf. under {rajas}) (in this sense sometimes (A} , f.) ; pl. lights , stars AV. (ifc.) the causing a desire for {ruci-rucer-}) N. of a Saman