vizva mf({A})n. (prob. fr. 1. {viz} , to pervade cf. Un2. i , 151 ; declined as a pron. like {sarva} , by which it is superseded in the Brahmanas and later language) all , every , every one ; whole , entire , universal ll-pervading or all-containing , omnipresent (applied to Vishnu-Krishna , the soul , intellect &c.) Up. MBh. &c. ; m. (in phil.) the intellectual faculty or (accord. to some) the faculty which perceives individuality or the individual underlying the gross body ({sthUla-zarIra-vyaSty-upahita}) s. ; N. of a class of gods cf. below N. of the number thirteen of a class of deceased ancestors of a king of a well-known dictionary = {vizva-prakAza} {vizve} , with or scil. {devAs} cf. {vizve-deva} , p. 995) all the gods collectively or the , All-gods (a partic. class of gods , forming one of the 9 Ganas enumerated under {gaNadevatA} accord. to the Vishnu and other Puranas they were sons of Visva , daughter of Daksha , and their names are as follows , 1. Vasu , 2. Satya , 3. Kratu , 4. Daksha , 5. Kala , 6. Kama , 7. Dhriti , 8. Kuru , 9. Puru-ravas , 10. Madravas [?] ; two others are added by some , viz. 11. Rocaka or Locana , 12. Dhvani [or Dhuri ; or this may make 13]: they are particularly worshipped at Sraddhas and at the Vaisvadeva ceremony [RTL. 416] [992,3] ; moreover accord. to Manu [iii , 90 , 121] , offerings should be made to them daily - these privileges having been bestowed on them by Brahma1 and the Pitris , as a reward for severe austerities they had performed on the Himalaya: sometimes it is difficult to decide whether the expression {vizvedevAH} refers to all the gods or to the particular troop of deities described above) {A}) f. the earth in all places , everywhere dry ginger Piper Longum Asparagus Racemosus = {ati-viSA} , or {viSA} N. of one of the tongues of Agni a partic. weight N. of a daughter of Daksha (the wife of Dharma and mother of the Visve Devah) of a river n. the whole world , universe dry ginger myrrh ; a mystical N. of the sound {o}

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