utkRSTa mfn. (opposed to {apa-kRSTa} and {ava-kRSTa}) , drawn up or out ; attracted ; extracted taking a high position excellent , eminent ; superior , best ; (ifc. e.g. %jJAnotkRSTa} mfn. eminent in knowledge) much , most , excessive Mn. MBh. Pan5cat. &c. kRSTi {ayas} f. pl. (once only sg. RV. iv , 42 , 1) men , races of men (sometimes with the epithet {mAnuSIs} or {nAhuSIs} or {mAnavIs} cf. {carSaNi} ; originally the word may have meant cultivated ground , then an inhabited land , next its inhabitants , and lastly any race of men ; Indra and Agni have the N. {rAjA} or {patiHkRSTInAm} ; the term {paJcakRSTayas} , perhaps originally designating the five Aryan tribes of the Yadus , Turvasas , Druhyus , Anus , and Purus , comprehends the whole human race , not only the Aryan tribes) {is}) f. ploughing , cultivating the soil attracting , drawing harvest, the consequences ({karma-k-} {is}) m. a teacher , learned man or Pandit