Saura saura 2 mf({I})n. (fr. 1. {sUra} and {sUrya} ; in some meanings perhaps fr. {sura}) relating or belonging or sacred to or coming from &c. the sun or the god Surya , solar celestial , divine m. a worshipper of the sun son of the Sun N. of the planet Saturn N. of the 20th Kalpa (q.v.) a solar day (while the sun is in one degree of the ecliptic) a solar month (consisting of 30 risings and setting of the sun or the period during which the sun is in one sign of the zodiac) a representation of a solar zodiacal sign used at marriage ceremonies coriander Zanthoxylon Alatum N. of a Guru {I}) f. the wife of the Sun patr. of Tapati (the mother of Kuru ; also called {vaivasvatI}) a cow Polanisia Icosandra {am}) n. a collection of hymns addressed to Surya (extracted from the Rig-veda) the right eye N. of a Saman (= {bRhat-saura}) N. of wk. (prob. = {saura-purANa})