nyagrodha m. ( {rudh} = {ruh}) , growing downwards the Banyan or Indian fig-tree , Ficus Indica (it belongs to the {kSIra-vRkSas} q.v. fibres descend from its branches to the earth and there take root and form new stems) Prosopis Spicigera or Mimosa Suma a fathom (measured by the arms extended) N. of a son of Krishna of a son of Ugra-sena (also {-dhaka}) of a Brahman , a monastery and a village {A}) f. Salvinia Cucullata or some other plant {i} or {-dhikA}) f. id. L. ;%{-kSIra} n. the milky juice of the Indian fig-tree {-parimaNDala} mfn. being a fathom in circumference {-la-tA} f. the having a waist like a fig-tree , (with Buddh. one of the 32 signs of perfection Dharmas. 83) {A}) f. an elegant woman {-pAda} m. N. of a man -dhaka} mfn. g. {RzyAdi} (cf. also above) ; {-dhika} , and {-dhin} mfn. g. {kumudAdi} and {prekSAdi

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