Rukmini rukmin mfn. ({iNI})n. wearing golden ornaments , adorned with gold R m. N. of the eldest son of Bhishmaka and adversary of Krishna (he was slain by Bala-rama ; see {rukmiNI} above) N. of a mountain {iNI}) f. see above. 2 rukmiNI f. (of {rukmin}) a species of plant (= {svarNa-kSIrI}) N. of a daughter of Bhishmaka and sister of Rukmin (betrothed by her father to Sisu-pala but a secret lover of Krishni , who , assisted by Bala-rama , carried her off after defeating her brother in battle ; she is represented as mother of Pradyumna , and in later mythology is identified with Lakshmi N. of Dakshayani in Dvaravati of various other women

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