rAtri or (older) {rA4trI} Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary f. (prob. bestower fr. {rA} ; or season of rest fr.{ram}) night , the darkness or stillness of night (often personified) RV. &c. &c. ({rAtrau} or {-tryAm} ind. at night , by night ; {rAtrauzayanam} , a festival on the 11th day of the first half of the month Ashadha , regarded as the night of the gods , beginning with the summer solstice , when Vishnu reposes for four months on the serpent Sesha) ; = {ati-rAtra} = {rAtri-paryAya} = {rAtri-sAman} (only {rAtri}) one of the 4 bodies of Brahma = {haridrA} turmeric (with the patr. {bhAradvAI}) N. of the authoress of RV.

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