Zambara zambara m. N. of a demon (in RV. often mentioned with Sushna , Arbuda , Pipru &c. ; he is the chief enemy of Divo-dasa Atithigva , for whose deliverance he was thrown down a mountain and slain by Indra ; in epic and later poetry he is also a foe of the god of love) a cloud a weapon war , fight a kind of deer a fish or a kind of fish Terminalia Arunja Symplocos Racemosa a mountain in general or a partic. mountain best , excellent = {citraka} N. of of a Jina of a king (v.l. for {zambaraNa} and {saM-varaNa}) of a juggler (also called {zambarasiddhi}) {I}) f. Salvinia Cucullata Croton Polyandrum = {mAyA} , sorcery , magic (prob. w.r. for {zAmbarI}) n. water Naigh.i , 12 (but Sa1h. censures the use of {zambara} in this sense) power , might sorcery , magic (printed {saM-vara}) ; any vow or a partic. vow (with Buddhists) wealth = {citra} (pl.) the fastnesses of Sambara