sambhinna mfn. completely broken or divided &c. ; interrupted , abandoned (see {-vRtta}) contracted (see {-sarvAGga}) joined , combined , mingled come into contact with (comp.) close , tight Pan5car. ; solid , compact -tA} f. the being joined or united with {-pralApa} m. idle talk (with Buddhists one of the 10 sins) DivyAv. (Dharmas. 56) ; {-pralApika} mfn. talking idly {-buddhi} mfn. one whose understanding is broken or impaired {-maryAda} mfn. one who has broken through barriers or bounds {-vRtta} mfn. one who has abandoned good conduct {-vyaJjanA} f. a kind of hermaphrodite ({-na} the condition of a hermaphrodite {-sarvAGga} mfn. one who has contracted or compressed the whole body (as a tortoise)