kanyakubja Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: n. ({A} f. L.)N. of an ancient city of great note (in the north-western provinces of India , situated on the {kAlnadI} , a branch of the Ganga , in the modern district of Farrukhabad ; the popular spelling of the name presents , perhaps , greater variations than that of any place in India [e.g. {Kanauj} , {Kunnoj} , {Kunnouj} , {Kinoge} , {Kinnoge} , {Kinnauj} , {Kanoj} , {Kannauj} , {Kunowj} , {Canowj} {Canoje} , {Canauj} , &c.] ; in antiquity this city ranks next to Ayodhya in Oude ; it is known in classical geography as Canogyza ; but the name applies also to its dependencies and the surrounding district ; the current etymology [{kanyA} , a girl , shortened to {kanya} , and {kubja} , round-shouldered or crooked refers to a legend in R. i , 32 , 11 ff. , relating to the hundred daughters of Kusanabha , the king of this city , who were all rendered crooked by Vayu for non-compliance with his licentious desires ; the ruins of the ancient city are said to occupy a site larger than that of London) MBh. Kathas. &c. ; {-deza} m. the country round Kanyakubja.