arbuda m. Ved. a serpent-like demon (conquered by Indra , a descendant of Kadru therefore called Kadraveya S3Br. AitBr. ; said to be the author of RV. x , 94 RAnukr.) RV. &c. ; ({as}) {am}) n. N. of the above-named hymn {as} , {am}) m. n. a long round mass (said especially of the shape of the foetus in the second half of the first month or in the second month a swelling , tumour , polypus {arbuda}) , ri. (also m. L.) ten millions {as}) ,m.N. of a mountain in the west of India (commonly called Abu , a place of pilgrimage of the Jainas , and celebrated for its Jaina temples) ; m. pl.N. of a people VarBrS. .