Sprung from Seed

Sprung from Seed bIja n. (also written {vIja} , of doubtful origin ifc. f. {A}) seed (of plants) , semen (of men and animals) , seed-corn , grain a runner (of the Indian fig-tree) any germ , element , primary cause or principle , source , origin (ifc. = caused or produced by , sprung from) the germ or origin of any composition (as of a poem , of the plot of a drama , of a magical formula &c.) calculation of original or primary germs , analysis , algebra truth (as the seed or cause of being) anything serving as a receptacle or support (= {Alambana}) the mystical letter or syllable which forms the essential part of the Mantra of any deity the position of the arms of a child at birth quicksilver (?) marrow L. ; m. = {bijaka} , the citron tree 14 bIjya mfn. sprung or produced from seed descended from a good family (ifc.) sprung from or belonging to the family of. (cf. {mahA-b-} and g. {gav-Adi}