Surupa surUpa mf({A})n. well-formed , handsome , beautiful RV. &c. &c. wise , learned L. m. N. of Siva MBh. of an Asura Hariv. (pl.) a class of deities under Manu Tamasa Pur. {A}) f. N. of various plants (Glycine Debilis ; Jasminum Sambac &c.) L. of an Apsaras Hariv. of the daughter of a serpentdemon Kathas. of a mythical cow MBh. {am}) n. the mulberry tree L. N. of two Samans ArshBr. {-kRtnu} mfn. forming beautiful things RV. {-tA} f. beauty , splendour Hariv. Kav. Pur. {-varSa-varNa} mfn. beautifully coloured like a rainbow TS