Sarasvata Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary sArasvata mf({I})n. relating or belonging to Sarasvat (q.v.) or to Sarasvati (the river or the goddess derived or coming from them RV. &c. &c. relating to the Rishi Sarasvata belonging to the Sarasvata country eloquent , learned m. a Bilva stick N. of a Rishi (fabled to have sprung from the personified Sarasvatil river MBh. (also {-tAgaNAH}) of a Vyasa (pl.) N. of a people dwelling on the Sarasvatil river (i.e. in the north-west part of the province of Delhi including part of the Panjab) (pl.) N. of a partic. tribe of Brahmans (so called as coming from the above country or as supposed to be descended from the above Rishi) (sg.) the twelfth Kalpa or day of Brahma a staff of the Bilva tree partic. ceremonial in the worship of Sarasvati {I}) f. Cardiospermum Halicacabum (with or scil. {prakriyA}) N. of a grammar by Anubhuti-svarupacarya ; ({am}) n. a partic. Sattra Jaim. eloquence Prasannar. N. of a grammar (= f.)