Mahabhuta Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mahAbhUta mfn. being great , great MBh. m. a great creature or being n. a great element , gross element (of which 5 are reckoned , viz. ether , air , fire , water , earth Up. Nir. Mn. &c. [cf. IW. 83 , 221] , as distinguished from the subtle element or Tanmatra , q.v.) -ghaTa} m. a jar with a figurative representation of the 5 element (w.r.{-dhaTa}) ; {-Ta-dAna} n. a kind of religious gift. Under Dhatu the Cologne dictionary mentions: reckoned as 5 , viz. kha or AkAza anila tejas jala bhU to which is added {brahma} or {vijJAna} Buddh. paJcamahAbhUtamaya mf({I})n. consisting of 5 elements

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